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The Display Connection Inc., is an Event Design company which works hand-in-hand with Event planners to create events with themes that brings the moment alive in all its essence. We work to transport attendees into the theme without having to actually teleport them!

Themed Environments
Floral & Table Centres
We specialize in building themes for events based on the client's needs and requirements. Since 1986, we have built props and developed themes such as Country and Western, the Gatsby, Speakeasy, Hollywood, Hawai Lua, The Cinderella Ball, Camp theme, Las Vegas, Shipwreck, 70s Superheroes, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year to name a few. 
"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul." says Luther Burbank and what better way to put it.  

We not only develop themes, we also build Table Centers and work with fresh and faux greenery to add a feel of nature to your event. Add spectacular ceiling treatments, room decor, entrance decor to your centre pieces and florals to transform your venue.
At Display Connection, we build our own props from scratch. Guaranteed that it's one of it's kind. Various props based on themes, decor, the event itself have been built through the past decades. 

If you need a prop for your event, you can be sure to find it with us!

Backdrops & Rentals
The Display Connection also owns hundreds of hand painted scenic and themed backdrops for film shoots, events, theatre and other such applications when you have to transform your environment to suit the situation. Our backdrops can be found at www.backdropconnection.com 

Our inventory is also rented out for events along with our crew to set it up.

Events Visions & Solutions
Games & Teambuilding
There is always a need for team building games in the corporate world and we noticed that! At The Display Connection, we develop and build new team building games and activities to suit your goals and objectives. From Family Feud to War games, we've done it all!