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A 7' tall Champagne bottle that explodes confetti, with event branding
A building gift wrapped!
100 years of Big Brothers Big Sisters photo pin board
A time lapse of the happy face (8ft diameter) made using over 7000 Viagra pills for Viagra!
3 layered birthday cake
Our client's brand image turned into reality as a 3D prop
Our client's brand image turned into reality on a 12ft high signpost with visibility across the event space
Faux rock logo carving
Moose boot in it's carriage
Curved wooden bridge in Spring!
Miner's Cave rock wall
A 3' tall mini wood cottage
3-D buildings
Pink Castle Set
Lemonade Stand
Cedar Shake Tuck Shop
Chrome City
Toronto buildings
Gothic Windows (background)
Security Doors
CN Tower
Branding Solutions
We have numerous themes to stir the imagination and 'raise the bar' at all of your events. Whether a single 'statement' piece or a dazzling elaborate buffet, entrance or total room transformation, the work of our team speaks for itself.
Buildings & Architecture
Multi-Culture & Tradition
African Elephant Tusks
Britan - 3D Vacform Arches
Britan Stage with Big Ben, St Pauls and Westminister
French Arcade Triumph
Greco Roman Entrance Arch
Bull Fighter
Tropical Bridge
Mardi Gras Mask and Palm trees
2D Statue of Liberty and Yellow Cab
Tori Gate
Wharf with the Mariner
Entrance path to the Wharf Town
The Wharf Sail shop and the Jolly boat
Wharf stage
Our town hall with the shops in the background
1812 cannons and men at war
50s cars at the drive-in
The Bathtub Gin
The Peacocks and light stands
50s Diner Backdrop
Team Games
Bowling Alley
Boot Camp - Military Games
Jail scene with Electric Chair and Lever
Angry Birds!
Futuristic Space Age
20' wide cityscape. Spot  the Spiderman!
Blue Transformer
Yellow Transformer
The Futuristic Couple
Robot Machines
Halloween Entrance to one of Mississauga's finest party place
A halloween corner setting
Arrival to Town Wharf
Wharf Tin Smith and the Shed
Baseball Photo Set
Wharf Stocks
The Edwardian Couple
The Fisherman
It's Hagrid from Harry Potter
Cinderella's carriage
Wave Runner
The Money chest
We all scream for ICECREAMS!
Elephant Tusks
Train Banners with Applique
Step & Repeat
Trade & Exhibits
50's car at drive-in
Eurail set
Trans Canada highway
Eurail moving train
Chuck Wagon
Cockpit Stage with Sunset Backdrop
Airport theme - VIP reception area
Transformed Airport lounge - Morocco theme
Airport theme - Suitcases and Stewardess
The Purple Bus
The Red Lamborghini
Buffet on the train!
1920 Silhouette with flapper
1920s Car
Airplane and the Red Baron
Blue Ford Car
1960 Cadillac front view
1960 Cadillac side view
Toronto Streetcar
Toronto Subway
Winter & Christmas
Florals and Weddings
Gold Platform Shoe Design
Black Shoe florals - 1960s
Bridge with iron arches
Buffet - Golf Themed
Kids at play vignette
Table floral decor
Gatsby themed floral decor - Callas
Sports theme - floral buffet
Rooster on Buffet